March 6, 2018 Newsletter

Check out the latest stories from around Calgary in our March 6, 2018 Newsletter:

Sport Calgary CEO: Celebrating Our World-Class Sports City

Celebrating Our World-Class Sports City

Sport is in Calgary’s blood. It brings us closer together, and unites us. We love to play, spectate, train, compete, cheer and celebrate sport.

We live and breathe sport. Calgary has a wealth of facilities and programs that provide affordable multi-sport access to accommodate the active lifestyles of our diverse population.

A proven economic driver, sport and its beneficial impact on families and communities has been proven over and over again.

We are an Olympic city that is comfortable on national and international stages. We should all be proud of our athletes’ accomplishments in Pyeongchang. As part of our Olympic legacy, Calgary is also home to various prominent sport organizations, such as Hockey Canada, Canadian Sport Institute Calgary, WinSport, Canada’s Sport Hall of Fame and the University of Calgary’s faculty of kinesiology.

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NCCP Multi-Sport Workshop for Spring/Summer 2018

Alberta Sport Connection is accepting applications from anyone interested in hosting a NCCP Multi-sport workshop during the Spring/Summer term (April - August) of 2018.  If you are interested in hosting a workshop, please fill out one of the corresponding hosting applications found on its website and return it by March 2nd, 2018.  

Courses are available in all streams:

 -         Competition Introduction

-          Competition Development

-          Fundamental Movement Skills

-          Core Training for Coach Developers

-          Professional Development Workshops 

 All applications are due by Friday, March 2nd, 2018.

Please be sure to review the responsibilities of both the Host Agency and Alberta Sport Connection found in the Open and Closed Workshop Hosting Guidelines also found on its website.  

Girls in Sport: Benefits

Canada's Sports Hall of Fame has a campaign called "Girls in Sport" that aims to make people more aware of why girls need to be inspired, influenced, and encouraged to get involved and stay involved in sport. Playing sports, whether recreational or elite, has been proven to directly impact success in school, career, and quality of life. This digital campaign features a series of short videos tied to the Girls in Sport theme.

The second video, "Benefits", has been released. Watch here:

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