All Sport One Day behind the scenes

From running around between facilities across the city, to dodging boxes of t-shirts around the office, the staff at Sport Calgary have been busy behind the scenes preparing for All Sport One Day 2017.

When it comes to annual events, every organization wants to out-do the previous year. This year of All Sport One Day has the most sessions, sports and registration spots offered, and it is not a coincidence! Our staff at Sport Calgary is small but mighty. In the summer, two summer interns join the regular staff of five, and together they play many roles and put in extra hours to continue to improve upon the event.

A priority of Sport Calgary is to ensure that kids have fun in sport and continue to play, becoming athletes for life. Reaching out to Calgary from a small office in the northwest however, is no easy task. In the past few weeks, both the events team and the communications team have been sent emails and phone calls to community centres and organizations with memberships interested in All Sport One Day. Everyone has put time and work into the website, the registration pages, the volunteer forms, presentations and plans to make this year a success.

Sandra oversees events at Sport Calgary, and Dylan is the intern helping her for the summer. They have created facility packages with check in sheets, schedules, t-shirts, registration records, media release forms and many other important components. Along with delivering these boxes to the venues, they have also offered volunteer orientations for event day. In the office, they deal with all questions and comments about the event from parents. They also are the primary contacts for sport organizations volunteering at All Sport One Day. 

David runs marketing and communications at Sport Calgary, and for four months Ryley will be interning in that area. They have worked closely with Catriona in community and sport engagement to spread awareness of All Sport One Day. They have created social media graphics to maximize engagement, wrote articles on sports featured in All Sport One Day, compiled newsletters and contacted partners to assist with promotion. They have also designed posters and banners for advertisement of the event.

The entire team works closely, and whenever there is a big project to be done, everyone does their part. When 2,450 t-shirts were delivered to the office, everyone helped unload the boxes, count the shirts and sort them by size and facility for delivery. It took hours! Similarly, when the wiffle ball set the team received “needed” to be tested, everyone gladly jumped on board.

Sport Calgary continues to speak with community centres, utilize social media, and innovate in other forms of communication to give every child in Calgary the opportunity to participate.

There are so many parts that go in to planning a city-wide event like All Sport One Day, but the entire team has conquered every obstacle that has come their way. Now with only one week until the event, the end is in sight! Help make 2017 the best year yet: register and tell your friends at!