A Week of Sport Discovery: Golf

Sport Calgary is doing a blog series on the different Sport Calgary member organizations. This blog introduces Calgarians to sports offered in the city they can try. Ryley is an intern at Sport Calgary for the four months between the third and fourth years of her degree. She is pursuing a bachelor of communication, majoring in PR and minoring in marketing and has a passion for sport. Ryley loves trying new activities and finding different ways to get moving and staying active for life. Her main activities are hiking, skiing, yoga, running and surfing, all of which either her mom, boyfriend or dog loves to join her in doing!

This one might be surprising, but I have never played golf before. Golf is a sport that I have wanted to try because it is social and most of my family plays it, but I had never committed to a game until Sunday.

I went with my boyfriend and his parents to Shaganappi Golf Course and played the Valley 9. I’ve been to the driving range before, so I would like to think that I can at least hit the ball, but as soon as we were out on the course it became obvious that was not the case. I enjoyed the first two holes. I was happy to be outside, the course was beautiful and I was still optimistic about my game. We weren’t keeping score thank goodness, so I never had to document the shameful amount of shots it took me to get down the fairway.

The third hole was my first close call with a temper tantrum. I really, really wanted to throw my club into the trees, after consistently having the ball roll back into the sand, but I held onto it and calmed myself down. I kept thinking: I am not four years old so I can’t freak out because that would be wildly inappropriate. I kept my cool and just picked my ball up and put it on the green so I could putt.

This is one of the only sports I would condone cheating during your first time. If frustration sets in, pick your ball up and put it where you were actually aiming to keep things fun. This obviously shouldn't be done in serious games, but if everyone else is okay with, why not? The group I was with just wanted to have a good time, and it is not much fun when you are an inch away from a tantrum.

After the fifth hole, I was contacting the ball better and my spirits were high for the remaining three holes. I ended up having a lot of fun and I will definitely be playing again. All types of personalities play golf, but if you are just starting try not to let yourself get worked up. After all, why ruin a beautiful day outside by having to buy a new driver to replace the one you wrapped around a tree?

I would recommend this sport to anyone who can swing a club. Golf is something you can play for your whole life and it will keep you active and outside. The only problem is that in Calgary, the golf season is very short. The good news is that there are a couple of indoor driving ranges around the city so you can practice all year round.

If you are looking to get into golf, I would recommend taking a lesson or at least going to the driving range a few times first to minimize the initial frustration, but after that it is just practice, practice, practice!

The City of Calgary offers six different public courses that are well maintained and affordable. For a list of these courses and to book tee times or lessons, visit There are many other public, private and semi-private courses in and around Calgary so you have lots to choose from! Make sure you look up the dress code at each course before you go to learn collar requirements, skirt lengths etc. Happy Golfing!

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