Girls in Sport: Benefits

Canada's Sports Hall of Fame has a campaign called "Girls in Sport" that aims to make people more aware of why girls need to be inspired, influenced, and encouraged to get involved and stay involved in sport. Playing sports, whether recreational or elite, has been proven to directly impact success in school, career, and quality of life. This digital campaign features a series of short videos tied to the Girls in Sport theme.

The second video, "Benefits", has been released. Watch here:

As part of this campaign, Canada's Sports Hall of Fame is asking Canadians to let them know who your role model is by clicking here or writing in the comment section below each video on our social media platforms. Please submit your selection by November 1, 2018.

Role models must be:

  • Living 
  • Female
  • Canadian (inclusive of multi-cultural and Indigenous ancestries)
  • Athlete (currently competing or retired)
With over 70% of girls permanently dropping out of sport by their early teens, our goal is to reach thousands of girls across Canada to encourage them to be active and stay involved in sport. The videos will be available on and on social media channels (YouTubeFacebook and Twitter).