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Thanks Coach YYC Campaign Overview


Background: National Coaches Week is a national social media campaign hosted by the Coaching Association of Canada from July 23 to 30th. There is an opportunity to energize our community by joining the campaign at a local level.

Goal: Use WinSport social media channels to engage with the community while building brand awareness for all stakeholders.

Concept: Inspire members of Calgary’s sport community to celebrate their coaches and express their gratitude through social media. Starting September 15, WinSport will set the tone leading up to the national campaign by posting photos with local athletes and coaches holding a #ThanksCoachYYC sign. Following the introduction of the campaign, the public will be asked to upload their own photo thanking their coach before September 30 for their chance to win a pizza party at the Acura Tube Park.

Dates: The national campaign is September 23 to 30; however, we will start promoting the contest on September 15 to increase the opportunity for reach and participation.

Platforms: Instagram captures our youngest audience of the three platforms we currently use which is the group that aligns best with this campaign’s goals. Additionally, Twitter presents our most active audience which will aid in reach and participation. Twitter also allows us to leverage relationships with other organizations that have access to participants such as post-secondary institutions and recreation facilities.

Legal: See attached Rules and Regulations document for information on submissions and the prize.

Content Inventory:

·         Photos of Flames players with #ThanksCoachYYC sign

·         Photos of athletes at WinSport with #ThanksCoachYYC sign

·         Video from national campaign




F September 15

Introduce campaign and contest/ photo with athlete and sign 

S September 16

Photo with athlete and sign

S September 17

We’M September 18

Video from national campaign

T September 19

W September 20

Contest Push/ Photo with athlete and sign

T September 21

F September 22

Photo with athlete and sign

S September 23

National campaign starts / contest push

S September 24

Photo with athlete and sign

M September 25

Photo with athlete and sign

T September 26

Contest Push

W September 27

Photo with athlete and sign

T September 28

F September 29

Photo with athlete and sign

S September 30

Last day to enter contest

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