Sport Facility Supply & Demand Study

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Sport Calgary is excited to be spearheading a comprehensive new facility supply and demand study for Calgary.  The study was comprised of hundreds of local, provincial and national sport organizations and local facilities, as well as 1000 Calgarians, half of which were sport participants, and half of which were not. The Study provides an accurate picture of the current state of sport facility supply and demand in the city; crucial information which will inform a number of future initiatives. In particular, this study will provide a solid foundation from which to offer recommendations for an update to the 10 Year Strategic Plan for Sport Facility Development and Enhancement which has proven so valuable in the development of sport facilities in Calgary.


Participated in the Study:
208 Local Sport Organizations
67 Provincial and national sport organizations
130 Local facilities
21 Technical services organizations
1000 Members of the general public (500 sport participants and 500 non-participants)
More Calgary Numbers:
400 Approximate number of sport organizations in Calgary
85+ Different sport activities offered in Calgary
360K Approximate number of registrants in sport organizations in 2013
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The Report at a Glance...

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Executive Summary

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Full Report

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